Pierrette Lenormand




Passionate about art, I attented the class of Claude Huart and Henry... at the school of fine arts of Lorient.
For the past twenty years, for the viewing pleasure I recompose bunches of imaginary flowers, landscapes in the image of my dreams and my inspiration.
Fascinated for a long time by the light of the stained-glass windowsof cathedrals, I transpose in my own way, beauties of the world. An explosion of colors and shapes, a forever imaginary garden where the wildest species combine interlacings that remind the work of glass masters.
I start with patches of pastels crushed under my fingers. The shimmer pigments then interwine to evoke shapes and, from there, fly away, or luxurious flowers and imaginary landscapes.
Trough the light of my pastels i transcribe my vision of life that sees it as a geant puzzle where each part is connected to the All, always has its own life.
We are then boarding a shimmering universe with lights endlessly renewed.
Still lives? No! Everything in my paintings talks about life.



6, rue Balzac 56270, PLOEMEUR

02 97 86 28 16             06 88 46 28 57