Providence has guided me to the world of etching in soft cut. An alliance of hollow engraving and pictorial creation, my artistic curiosity is thus fulfilled.
Sweet feeling of having found my way of expression.

I have fun with oddity: we talk about engraving in “soft cut” and yet tools such as chisel, dry tip or add, have nothing to do with softness !
I like to evaluate the incisions and bites, more or less light, even microscopic, dug on the gloss of the métal plate.
The aquatint with sugar seduced me, probably for his kinship to the watercolor…
What could be more suitable than aquatint to translate the athemosphere of the Breton landscapes?

Thus, my passion for coastal landscapes and my love for Brittany took shape and strength in the creation of prints where the Celtic spirit, constantly renewed, fills my heart, as in the surf of the waves against the rocks.

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