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October 2023


Visit of the cairn of Gavrinis

June 2023



Waldeck Rousseau House
Quimper Cornouaille Associative Space
May – June




Tourist Office SIZUN



Cultural Space of the Fair Field
september – october

breton cultural centre
september –  october



Locmaria Chapel – Guidel – (Morbihan)

July – August

OUEST FRANCE Published on  24/07/2019

The Spered Kelt collective moves to Guidel.

In the framework of 7 chapels in art, the collective Spered kelt installed his works on the crests of the chapel of Locmaria.
Eleven artists from this collective, although the techniques used are different: Jean-Claude Sevellec (photographer), Nicole Ryan (painter), Brigitte Paumier (textil painter), Jacqueline Page (painter), Gérad Nicol (photographer) Serge Milet (painter poet), Colette Segalen (painter), Didier Milet (photographer), Pierrette Lenormand (dry pastel), Jakez gaucher (writer calligrapher) and Ellem (engraver on lead) have in common the celtic spirit. “Its a way of seeing, of livind, of feeling the world. The works are all bearers of the same sensibility and top the unisersal” says  Karouantine Hulaud, President of the committee on culture and community live at the regional council, speaking of the collective Spered kelt.



Fest ti ar Vro – Emglev Bro Gwened (Morbihan)

May – june


Holy-Joseph chapel – Lesneven (Brittany)



Tohannic university library – Vannes (Morbihan) 

March – April



Breizh Vibrations – Chapel our Lady of the guard – Lomener (Morbihan)




Festival Celti’Vannes – Vannes (Morbihan)



Tronjoly Castle – Gourin (Morbihan)




Cinéma Ti Hanok – Auray  (Morbihan)

october – november


Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july – august



Chateaulin Multimedia Library (Brittany)

september – october


“Estuaries” – Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july – september



Art’s impressions – Sautron (Loire Atlantique)




Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july- august


St. Magloire Abbey 

 Lehon (Côtes d’Armor)



Celtomania – Sautron (Loire Atlantique)



Kerminaouët castle – Trégunc (Brittany)

march – august

From March 15 to August 31 2010,  14 artists members of Spered Kelt have shown their art-works in the drawing rooms of Kerminaouët Castle. More than 60 pieces (Paintings, engraving, picture, textile design, calligraphy, sculpture) have been shared into the different rooms.

High sculptures have also been placed in the castle gardens. 

Département Hall – Nantes (Loire-Atlantique)


As part of the St Yves feast, this geat exhibition was taking place in the departement council rooms from may 10 to may 30. 

About one hundred art works adorned the walls. The diversity ans the value of Spered Kelt artists where obviously underlined.


St Joseph Chapell – Lesneven (Brittany)



Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july- august

The exhibition was presented from july 23 to august 31 in the town hall and in the rotonde gallery. It consisted in 130 art works created by 16 artists  and formed an impressive show of fine arts. 

Paule LE DIORE (Painting artist) as “VIP3 guest and Gaël MORIN (Sculptor) as “favorite” took part in the exhibition.


Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july- august

For several years, Lanester City Hall has been hosting Spered Kelt artists.

Their approach to identity is based on exchange and dialogue, while thus contributing to making Brittany known today, creative, evolutionary, representative of new cultural dimension.

Since the end of july, they have been exhibiting 130 works on the city hall walls.


Sarria (Galice)



Düsseldorf (Germany)


The Breton artistic association Spered Kelt (contemporary Celtic creation), currently exhibits in Düsseldorf, Germany, from June 5 to July 3, 2009, in the Citizens’ House and Municipal Cultural Center of the southern district of the city, Bürgerhaus Reisholz.

Hans Binn, painter and engraver from Düsseldorf gave a beautiful presentation on our Breton history and culture, from the origins to the present day, as well as on the influence of the “Celtic Spirit” on contemporary world creation.


Nantes international Fair (Loire Atlantique)


As she has been doing regularly for several years, Spered Kelt responded to the invitation of the Brittany Cultural Agency of Loire-Atlantique.

Many visitors were able to discover the artistic creations of several artists of the association.



Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july – august

Contemporary Celtic creation is once again in the spotlight in the Hall of the Town Hall and the Art Gallery of the Rotunda.

Until August 23, 13 of the 30 member artists of Spered Kelt propose 120 original works inspired by our roots and deliberately removed from any folklore.


Soutomaior Castle (Galice)


hroughout the month of June, Spered Kelt, Breton association of contemporary artists of various sensibilities and techniques whose common point is to work for the emergence of a contemporary Celtic creation in Brittany, is the guest of the Deputatión de Pontevedra in Galicia.

The exhibition of more than a hundred works has been installed in the castle of Soutomaior, 12th century castle renovated and transformed into a cultural center.



Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july – august

“This exhibition of Celtic creation is in place for the sixth consecutive year in the country of Lorient.

The Spered Kelt association presents a wide range of contemporary Celtic creation.”



Carhaix (Brittany)


“The Celtic Congress returns every 6 years to Brittany after annual stopovers in the other Celtic-speaking countries.

In August 2006, Carhaix, in the centre of Brittany, will host the event on the theme of the Celtic influence in the visual arts”.

According to Y. Guillamot – Chairman of the celtic congress


Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)

july – august

“After two years at the Lorient Chamber of Commerce, the Spered Kelt association has moved to Lanester.

It presents a wide range of contemporary Celtic creation with engraving, painting, photography and sculpture.



Lanester Town Gallery (Morbihan)


“Until August 27, City Hall will host a contemporary Celtic art exhibition.

An initiative of the association Spered Kelt, whose ambition is to make known the richness of creation in this field.”


Jinan & Rizhao Town galleries (China)

may – july

Organized by the Cultural Agency of Brittany supported by the Regional Council of Brittany, this exhibition was presented in the province of Shandong, People’s Republic of China, in Jinan and Rizhao as part of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the cooperation agreement between the Region of Brittany and the Province of Shandong.


Nantes international Fair (Loire-Atlantique)


As part of the International Fair of Nantes, the “Espace Culturel de Bretagne” opened for the first time.

On the initiative of the Brittany Cultural Agency of Loire-Atlantique, “Spered Kelt” and “Poellgor an Tarv” presented an exhibition of plastic arts which was a great success


Moëlan-sur-Mer Cultural Centre (Brittany)


The “Festival of the Poetic Word” invited Spered Kelt to set up an exhibition of plastic arts.

The latter, well-crafted, occupied the reception hall of the Ellipse Cultural Centre where the festival took place.