The association Spered Kelt founded in January 1999 aims to bring together all artists, whatever the discipline, who, in Brittany, work to create a contemporary Celtic art.

Spered Kelt also aims to bring together cultural partners and artistic events to enable them to be networked with artists claiming to be contemporary Celtic art.

For the members of “Spered Kelt” (Celtic Spirit), Celtic heritage provides an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration. 

The artists perceive, inhabit and relate to the natural world in a particular way, receptive to it and permanently nourishted by it.

Theirs is an approach to being, which takes into account both life and death, visible and invisible, natural and suparnatural, as in a “quest” for the Universal. Each of the artists of Spered kelt reflects the core values of the Celtic Universe, which resonate within all that they craft.