Since 2004, Jakez Gaucher finds again ancestral memories , new inspirations and a spontaneous and living mode of expression through practising calligraphy.
The drawing is made in the moment, in a single movement, without any mental intervention.

Curls and bends are the reflection of an invisible energy : the hand only follows a route where the meanders are the reflection of the world in the present moment.

Natural spontaneity has to reflect an absolutely controled movement, inspired by the Tao.

Then, the lines drawn can overlap the appearances and sail along over the present illusions.

If you let the mind invade you, you’ll stay on the roadside ; but if you get rid of your thoughts and reach the non-action,
then the lines will reveal secrets you don’t only suspect the existence… Because in the line lies the Tao.

Ti Forn – 29520 – Saint Thois

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