The fixed under glass that is to say painting on the back of glass is an ancestral technique. This way of painting has been for me obvious to express the power of life but also its fragility and the way to make portraits of people living in the street. I am looking for the stroke under the screen through landscapes, light, transparency, back which becomes a verse. The luminus outline, aesthetically pleasing of course but above all transformation, ambivalence, questioning. Because when emotions are written down …

Training in architecture, Jacqueline Page is now a volunteer « ATD Quart Monde » (an association fighting against extreme poverty). She has led painting working groups across the world. She has been living at Commana since 2013, she paints fixed under glass : a daily spirituality, a look of hope learnt by people who are somebody.

18 rue du Penquer 29450 Commana
 06 31 89 35 22