From my years of study in Architecture and Visual Arts (1982/1992), I retained a taste for wandering, drawing and drawing outside. I like hiking in the forests and on the Breton coasts. In my backpack, a simple material: sketchbook, pencils, ink pens and a camera. I return to the workshop with sketches, photos of the places visited: trees, roots of undergrowth, foam, rocks. Once the composition is set up on the sheet, the lines, the light, the darkness, I gradually detach myself from the original vision to include new sensations, invisible details, tones and more inner sensations. On the blank page, with a line work, which can resemble that of the engraver with his stylus or his dry point, I go in search of the unfathomable, the impenetrable, the invisible. The deeper the black becomes on the paper, the more darkness invades the page, the more they reveal hidden secrets, treasures buried in the heart of a foliage, a bark or a rock fault. This search for the invisible, at the heart of the darkness of an undergrowth or a rocky crevice, is endless.

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